Automaint Solutions 3PE Bliss Tray Erector

The Automaint Solutions 3PE Bliss Tray Erector forms the full range of sturdy shipper three-piece bliss box designs at rates up to 40 trays per minute. Fitted with precision and highly accurate servo motors, this ensures all motion is able to be accurately controlled to minimise stress and wear on all components which increases the service life, whilst delivering absolute precision to the tray forming process.

The 3PE Bliss Tray Erector accepts the widest range of blank sizes of any bliss tray erector machine available, giving you the option to produce bliss boxes all the way from the very smallest through to the largest available. We’ve also made it simple and quick to perform tooling changes with our rapid tooling change system so you spend less time setting the machine up for different tray sizes and more time producing bliss boxes.

Up to 40 Trays per Minute

Easy & Rapid Tooling Changes

Precision Servo Control

Produces all variants of Bliss boxes

Widest range of blank sizes of any Bliss tray erector

Why choose a Bliss Box?

Bliss boxes are a three-piece box consisting of a one main body piece and two end panels of corrugated cardboard which are bonded together using hot melt adhesive. There are many different variants of bliss box, some examples of which are shown below.

0601A Bliss Box with End Flaps

0601B Bliss Box with End Flaps & End Panel Legs

All four edges are reinforced in bliss boxes, this ensures a much greater board-usage to stacking-strength ratio than other styles of corrugated boxes. Compared too slotted boxes, bliss boxes require less fibreboard since the bottom consists of a single thickness board, which results in a significant flap area reduction.

Another advantage with bliss boxes three-piece construction is much more flexibility in cardboard board grades for the two different components of the box. By carefully selecting the board material, strength can be optimised where it’s needed and lowering material grades where it is not required, saving you money.

Due to their strength, stacking strength, flexibility and lower costs of production, bliss boxes have found become very popular in a range of industries. Bliss boxes are very popular in the agricultural sectors for packing and shipping of fresh fruits and vegetables, dairy products, meat and packaged foods.

3PE Specifications



3PE Bliss Tray Erector Without Conveyor & Stacker

3PE Bliss Tray Erector With Conveyor & No Stacker

3PE Bliss Tray Erector With Conveyor & Stacker

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