Compact, cost-effective, flexible and simple user operation

Robotic Palletising Cell PR-30

Efficiency & Speed

Save Money

Are you still paying staff to load boxes onto pallets?

Why? A robotic palletising cell will do the task efficiently & repeatably without complaint.

An automated robot palletiser cell will save you considerable money in labour. And they are far more cost-effective than perhaps you realise and provide an excellent ROI.

Low System Footprint

Compact Dimensions

Robotic palletiser systems don’t have too large and take up lots of floor space. Of course, they can be if the volume requires larger robots and more throughput.

The Automaint Solutions PR-30 Robotic Palletising Cell is a compact palletising cell. Designed to take up the least space possible in your workplace. That doesn’t mean we skimped on functionality or features though.


Works With All Pallet Sizes

Not all compact robotic palletiser cells are created equal. A robot with too little reach can result in limitations on the pallet types that can be used.

Our compact robotic palletising cell utilises the Kuka KR IONTEC industrial robot range. This ensures we can palletise boxes from 30-70kg, and palletise onto all pallet types.

You don’t need to be a Rocket Scientist

Simple Setup & Easy to Use

It might seem daunting to install an automated robotic palletising system in your workplace. You needn’t worry, it isn’t!

Designed from the ground up to be user friendly to operate. Your staff will have no problems changing palletising patterns, starting and running the robotic palletiser cell.

Installation is as simple as dropping it into place, connecting services and turning it on. All backed up with Automaint Solutions 24/7 service and support.

Who knows what will happen?

Future Proof Your Investment

So what happens if your business grows and you need more palletising capacity?

We have you covered. We can extend and expand on the base robotic palletising cell and add features as you need them. You might need the robotic palletising cell to communicate with a larger production system, or maybe an additional palletising location. Both can be easily done, plus much more. Automaint Solutions is a full service mechanical and electrical automation company.

Your investment now in an advanced automated robotic palletiser system won’t limit you in the future.

Automaint Solutions PR-30 Robotic Palletising Cell

Specifications & Features




Maximum Carton Weight


Standard Pallet Types

Adaptable & Flexible Design

So What Can Be Palletised?

The short answer to that question is basically anything!

If you are currently palletising your product in boxes or bags, then we can make our Robotic Palletising Cell do the exact same job. So it doesn’t matter what industry you’re in, or the products you produce or distribute, we can take it off a conveyor belt and stack it consistently onto a pallet. Saving you significant labour costs.

It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in, be it food & beverage, electrical components, wholesale distribution, packaging or any other manufacturing or distribution business, then our robotic palletiser can automatically palletise your product.

Automaint Solutions have a dedicated mechanical design department and skilled tradesmen. We can design and manufacture a unique robot gripper system to suit every possible robotic palletising application. We have the expertise, experience and passion to custom design and manufacture a robotic palletising solution to suit your specific palletising requirements.

Palletising Cell - Robot Gripper Design

Low System Footprint

PR-30 Compact Robotic Palletising Cell Dimensions

Kuka IONTEC Industrial Robots

The Kuka KR IONTEC series robots are a 6-axis, medium-capacity industrial robot, combining a compact design with best in class working envelope. The IONTEC series robots are equipped with waterproof and dustproof in-line wrist and protected motors, making the robot suitable for almost every area of application.

Kuka robots are manufactured in Germany to exacting standards. They are used by all the largest automobile manufacturers due to their outstanding performance and reliability.

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