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Consumers & retailers are demanding more sustainable and environmentally friendly retail packaging solutions.

As a packaging solution, non-biodegradable plastic punnets don’t make a lot of sense when there is a better alternative available, cardboard punnets.

Cardboard punnets are biodegradable & 100% backyard compostable. But how do you make & dispense them?

Our Expertise

Forming Cardboard Trays & Punnets

Automaint Solutions are experts in producing trays and punnets from die-cut cardboard blanks. We have over 20 years of experience working with the biggest producers of cardboard packaging. We are at the forefront of machinery solutions to form cardboard trays and punnets.

With a dedicated design department and skilled tradesmen, we’re able to design machines & tooling to suit every cardboard packaging application. We have the expertise and experience to design and manufacture machinery to suit any style of tray or punnet.

Automaint Solutions

Cardboard Punnet Machinery

Cardboard punnets are a fantastic retail packaging solution for a wide range of fruits and vegetables. Apples, oranges, pears, kiwi fruit, peaches, tomatoes, cucumbers and much more can all be packaged into cardboard punnets for point of sale retail. Most fruit and vegetables that can be packaged in a plastic punnet can also be packed into a cardboard punnet.

There is further scope to include printing on the outside of cardboard punnets. This presents a brilliant opportunity for suppliers to enhance their image and get their brand message across at point of sale.

Punnet Erectors

Automaint Solutions design & manufacturing departments are currently working on a high-speed, reliable and easy to set up and operate machinery range to produce cardboard punnets in your facility. Our soon to be released cardboard punnet erecting machine will produce up to 3,600 punnets per hour with reliable and proven design elements taken from our range of cardboard erecting machines.

Our soon to be released machine will allow you to make cardboard punnets on-site and on-demand, saving you storage money on purchasing punnets and space by not having to store erected punnets in your storeroom.

Punnet De-Nester

Changing to cardboard punnets from plastic punnets will require a new punnet de-nesting solution, this is due to the different design of cardboard punnets.

Our machinery design & manufacturing departments are also working on a reliable and easy to set up and operate punnet de-nesting solution to work with our new punnet erecting machines. This machine is modular by design and will be able to be made to work with any production system.

Cardboard Punnets for Fruit & Vegetables

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