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There are no limitations to what the team at Automaint Solutions can 3D CAD design, manufacture, install and maintain. We are a full service automation and equipment manufacturer. If you can think of the possibilities for an automation system, or machine, to improve your production systems, then we’ll make it happen from initial 3D CAD design all the way through to manufacturing and installation.

For all of your automation systems, robotics, conveyors, drive rollers, general engineering, tray erector tooling, guarding and much more look contact the team at Automaint Solutions.

Custom De-palletising Tray Cutting Solution

Comprehensive System Documentation

Our client searched for a solution that was readily available to suit their needs, however after extensive inquiries and they were unable to locate anything suitable. They turned to Automaint Solutions to design, manufacture and install a special-purpose custom-designed solution.

Our client’s requirements were for a fully automated custom machinery solution to receive pallet-sized, inverted tray, layer boards from an existing depalletising system. To then lower the trays to ground level and cut the corners, flatten the boards and neatly stack them. Once a desired height of boards is achieved, the stack is transported to a strapper before being transported to a pickup location for removal by forklift. This tidy and neatly strapped stack can then potentially be returned to a recycling plant.

There where many challenges with this project, lack of usable space, the inability to modify the automation system this special purpose machine attached too, and accomodating varying tray sizes. Automaint Solutions engineered a unique and elegant solution that delivered our client a solution that fulfilled all of their requirements.

Automaint Solutions managed this project from start to finish and were responsible for the CAD design, manufacture, electrical design and programming and finally installation, commissioning and training.

CAD Design

Manufacturing: Fabrication, Laser Cutting, Folding, Machining, Assembly

Electrical: Design, Installation, PLC & HMI Programming & SCADA Integration

Installation, Commissioning & Training

Documentation: User Manual, Electrical Drawings & Parts List

Robotic Case Packing System with Tecnobox Tray Erector

Our client was searching for a solution to automate the case packaging of their product into boxes produced by a tray erector and then transported from the case packaging system into their store room. Automaint Solutions design engineers devised a solution using a Tecnobox TGOX2 tray erector machine, an automated taping and labelling machine, a Kawasaki Robot and a range of a custom manufactured conveyor systems to deliver the result the client required.

An additional challenge was, due to the layout of the client’s factory, a box elevator was required to get the finished boxes up to the height of the freezer storeroom.

Automaint Solutions designed the solution in 3D CAD software and then manufactured the complete system, before programming the PLC & HMI user interface in our factory, before crating the entire system up and installing and commissioning the finished system in the customer’s facility.

The system was supplied with a comprehensive user manual along with detailed electrical drawings and parts list for the entire system, additionally we also provided a list of recommended spare parts for the client to keep in stock due to their isolated location.

Automaint Solutions managed this project from start to finish and were responsible for the CAD design, manufacture, electrical design and programming and finally installation, commissioning and training.

CAD Design

Manufacturing: Fabrication, Laser Cutting, Welding, Folding, Machining, Assembly

Electrical: Design, Installation and PLC/HMI Programming

Installation, Commissioning & Training

Documentation: User Manual, Electrical Drawings & Parts List

Custom Product Packaging Conveyor System

Due to production demands, our client required an additional food packaging conveyor line off their main production line. Automaint Solutions was tasked with the complete design, manufacture and installation of this project. Special attention to the existing infrastructure in place was required to ensure the new bolt on system would not cause interference. This conveyor system includes sections to evenly space product on the belt and a product rotating section of conveyor were the product is feed into a flow wrapper.

Automaint Solutions CAD designed the complete system, manufactured the more than 3,000 components that went into the final assembly, designed an electrical system and programmed both the HMI & PLC, and finally did the installation and commissioning. We also produced a comprehensive user manual, parts list and detailed electrical drawings.

Automaint Solutions managed this comprehensive project from start to finish; CAD design, manufacture, machining, welding, parts procurement, powder coating, electrical design and assembly, on-site installation and commissioning.

Whether you need a simple conveyor solution, or a comprehensive integrated system like this one, Automaint Solutions will exceed your expectations for your special purpose projects.

CAD Design

Manufacturing: Laser Cutting & Folding, Welding, Machining & Assembly

Electrical: Design, Installation and PLC/HMI Programming

Installation & Commissioning

Documentation: User Manual, Electrical Drawings & Parts List

Grate Cover over Waste Water Pit

Automaint Solutions designed, manufactured & installed a replacement waste water pit cover, with new mechanical stirrer frames to replace a badly degraded & rusted cover for our customer. The whole frame was hot dip galvanised to ensure it will last as long as possible.

Carton Lifting Mechanism

No job is too small! Even a relatively minor change to a machine can result in benefits in productivity and cost savings. We CAD designed and manufactured a drop in replacement box lifting mechanism to a 40 year old carton erecting machine to eliminate operational issues our customer was experiencing with this machine. Problem solved!

Pallet Dispensing System

At the end of its service life with significant structural fatigue, Automaint Solutions was tasked with manufacturing and improving a pallet dispensing system. We re-designed parts of the original design to improve overall functionality and serviceability and ensuring that it could be installed without modifications to the control system.

Custom Bottle Washer Parts

Automaint Solutions was tasked by our customer to redesign the standard bottle rinser part to remove a design flaw that saw the parts breaking regularily. So we re-designed the part in 3D CAD, modelled, tested and finally manufactured new tougher parts for the bottle rinsing machine.

Paunch Screw

Due to physical damage and age related wear and tear, our customers existing paunch screw had reached the end of its service life. Automaint Solutions was engaged to CAD design, manufacture and install a replacement paunch screw.

Filler CIP Cap

The customer was unable to purchase replacement parts for their bottle filling line, so they approached Automaint Solution to re-manufacture the parts so they could continue to use their filling lines. We CAD designed and manufactured the various components to ensure our customer was able to continue to clean their bottle filling line.

Bottling Line Transfer Conveyor Modification

Our customer was experiencing issues with the transfer of wine bottles from one conveyor to another conveyor line due to the poor design of the dead plate between the two lines. We were tasked with designing, manufacturing and installing a replacement conveyor to fix the problem.

Custom Guarding

Do you require updated guarding for older machines that no longer meet OH&S guidelines. Automaint Solutions can deliver a solution that typically this involves new 3D CAD design and manufactured guarding, we can also perform any electrical changes required to meet Australian Safety Standards.

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