Meler Hot-Melt

Gluing Systems

Automaint Solutions are the Australian & New Zealand agent for Meler Gluing Solutions.

Focke Meler have been developing and building gluing systems for over 30 years, with a full product range of gluing systems to suit any application, they are the world leaders in gluing technology.

Meler Hot-Melt Gluing Systems

Hot Melt Gluing Machines have many applications in a wide range of industries; packaging & labelling, graphic arts, construction, automotive, wood & furniture, textiles & mattresses, assembly and sanitary products. Meler is the world leader in hot-melt gluing technology and constantly at the forefront of innovations in the hot melt glue industry.

Each and every machine in the Meler range is designed with a focus on build & component quality, easy serviceability, low energy use and consistent performance, you will not be disappointed with a Meler hot-melt gluing machine.

Automaint Solutions is proud to represent Meler in Australia & New Zealand and bring our enviable experience and commitment to service & maintenance to Meler’s range of products in Australia.

How Does A Meler
Gluing System Work?

This video provides an overview of the full system functionality of a Meler gluing system and highlights the parts of each Meler system, from the smallest to the largest, that make up a Meler Hot Melt system to deliver hot melt glues to various product.

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